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Gladly Crying

As the dream starts in a sequence i recognize
I will take all risks to end it
Asking everything to change
Into another everything…

Distant universe,
Where the rain is warm
And the flame is calm…

Without any reasons you will be gone
And i don’t need to remember
Why i forced you to materialize your art
Your passion…
To win something you already have.
You always have.

It is not like my cloud
Your grey is different
Yours is delightful.
The lightning is shy
Yet brave. But loud enough,
To make me wonder.

And seeing that
I am gladly crying.
My desire gone.
All to fly into that sky…
That is rich and heart.
And limitless…
Never ending promise.

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Happy Colorless Stars

The starry sky was what’s on my watch.
Been wondering why they’re there and how’re they feeling.
Were they cold? Were they lonely?

Then i heard a song from nearby forest
It was sad, scarlet and tough,
angry, restless and burnt,
happy, colorless and… starry.
It was rudely raw. 

Wish i could hear only the happy part,
But then i wouldn’t get it, would i?
Because people say life’s like a song.
What if it’s true?

I want to blame the black innocent tune
It reminded me of myself.
When i was kind and warm hearted
Was not cruel and obsessed with anything
Defenseless and weak. Approachable.
I miss my old self.

I was staring at the night sky.
And the forest was still chanting.
But, life goes on…
However, i have decided to go back to the past.
The questions of the stars were answered.
…. It was barely raw.

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The Power Of Being Alone

Most of the days I wish you’re there for me are over.
Turned out, I handled them by myself. And I am proud of myself for that.

Why I ever thought I couldn’t go on without you anyway? Should I know I am this strong, I wouldn’t begged a candy from a stranger.

Can’t believe I even once sent myself to a conventry. Pretend like I’m a tumbleweed stuck in a rut, rolling lost, hollow, and done, in an empty desert.

I laughed at how silly I was. I am actually capable of being happy by my own. That’s ultimate. Most people feel strong when they’re coupled. I’d say, I’m stronger in my own way. With or without a lover. My internal are stronger than the external.

I am not single, I am in a relationship with myself.

I am focused. I put myself first, I make myself happy, I protect myself from being hurt, I love myself. And if someone tells me that I am wrong to feel that way or to live my life that way. I wonder what I or other people in my position should be feeling?

Lonely? Put ourselves last before people so we can be loved? Be sad so people will pity us? Be distracted by everyone who’s offering love? Be fragile and wait for someone to mend our wounds? Hate ourselves? No, big no-no!

I will be happy, it’s not mainstream. Most people won’t understand. But I won’t rush, if I meet someone who’s right, I will try. If it doesn’t work, it’s no one’s fault. It’s just wasn’t meant to be. Of course.

Whichever way, I can still be happy.

Yeah. Most of the days I wish you’re there for me are over.
Turned out, I’ve found the power of being alone.
And I am happy. And that’s ultimate.

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I Wasn’t Born This Way

I wasn’t born this way.

I was born crying, but now I know how to hold my tears.

I wasn’t born this way.

I was born fragile and weak, but now I’m stronger.

I wasn’t born this way.

I was born to take things for granted, but now I know how to give to others.

I wasn’t born this way.

I was born unable to walk, but now I’m running.

I was born unable to stand, but now I’m rising.

I wasn’t born this way.

I was born without my permission, but now I’m making my own decision.

I was born wanting, but now I learn when to let go.

I was born alone, but now I’m with my dreams.

I wasn’t born this way.

I was born unable to see, but now I know how wonderful yet ugly this life is.

I was born less, but now I’m more.

I was born stuck, but now I’m moving.

I was born incapable, but now I’m able,

to love…

to hate…

to think…

to survive…

to live better…

I was born without understanding, but now I’m more open-minded.

I was born illiterated, but now,

I wrote this.

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When He’s Blinded By His Dream

There was a man, a man with a dream to become a doctor, a surgeon.

But unfortunately, he’s having a hemophobia (phobia of blood), a bad thing that made him have to walk a different way to reach his dream. The thing that on that time was unknown for its contribution for humanity.

The man kept looking for a way to reach his dream, and as spoken ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way,’ therefore he found a clue of how to fix the problem.

“That’s right, I’ve to cure my phobia first.” so he went to a psychiatrist where he could only find that the psychological treatment couldn’t help him. But he wouldn’t give up. He went to the most extensive library and then found a book about coping phobias. It was a chemistry book.

“I need to learn about this. This can help me.”

Thus, he took a higher education for the chemistry course on his 22. There, inspired by his dream to become a doctor, he studied as hard as a human can possibly does. He learnt about countless compounds, mixtures of substances, played with vials, liquids, and so on until on one of the unknown day, He finally invented his own combination to make the perfect medicine to cure his phobia of blood.

After 6 years of hardwork, he succeed and the medicine to cure phobias was then officially accepted globally with the name of Arcantium-Phobiatica (derived from the words, arch, anti, and phobia). This type of medicine was also a breakthrough in the medic field since it had no side-effect at all to the takers (which also why it was named with Arch, a higher level of state that needs onerous atomic combination to prevent the unwanted effects to occur on human bodies when taken).

When he was 28, after he had cured his phobia and gained fame from his A.P., he continued his step to pursue his real dream to become a surgeon. Of course, he had tried his own invention and successfully cured his phobia. Happily, he applied to the best-known university for the field of surgery, of which is the hardest to enter, of only 1000 people will be accepted per year, from all over the world.

But, obviously, he’s too smart and genius to not be accepted.

Another 6 years passed and he had held the title of Doctor. He’s 35, and he knew he’s getting closer to reach his dream, but the thing he didn’t know was the fact that he’s unfortunately had suffered from Parkinson, the cruel disease that’s going to block his dream and also take his life away. Hearing the news, undeniably, he felt devastated, but the devastation didn’t stay for a long time.

His dreams and will to live were stronger than his shaking hands and uncontrollable nervous system.

With all the little control of his motoric ability, he pursued the knowledge of neurobiology, he rapid read hundreds of books from different languages, learn researches done by famous neurobiologists related to the Parkinson disease. For 5 years, all the thing he did were to read and try to understand how to fix his condition. But it is not a useless effort, on the 6th year, when he almost couldn’t open his eyes anymore, he found the solution to end his suffering.

In that instant, he summoned the most experienced and intelligent neurosurgeon & biologist to consult his finding and after hearing what he said, they couldn’t help but to shake their heads of disbelief, of excitement, of admiration, and of worship of how a man that had such a minor control of his own body could find, regardless of his bad condition. Yes, it was a good news because they both agreed and also saw the light to cure the Parkinson disease.

“Do it to me, the surgery.” using the latest communication method applied for a person with the disease, he proposed himself to become the guinea pig for the experiment. It was a good option actually, since if it’s not done, he’s going to die anyway. So, nothing to lose. On the other hand, if the surgery succeed and his finding was right, he would have the control of his own body back.

And he did, the surgery went smooth, and his Parkinson’s only left as a history.

That was one of the happiest thing he’d ever had. But, his struggle had not finished yet, after years of losing his body control, some of his muscles had suffered from athropy. He needed to take physical-painful therapies to rejuvenate them, of which took him another 2 years. And of course he succeed on that challenge also. After he finished so, he was 45 years old and regained his health again, and he’s back to achieve his dream again, a surgeon.

“I have a dream, and I won’t let anything hold me from reaching it.”

Now, after another years of learning about surgery, he’s one of the most famous surgeon in the world. But that’s not what’s most amazing thing about him, the greatest thing is that he had found the cure for phobia and Parkinson,

when he is blinded by his dream,

he built bridges for so many people in the world to re-reach their dreams.



*this story is only a fiction

*any similiarity is definitely only a coincidence

*just for fun

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