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Do Coincidences Happen Coincidentally?

First of all, the thing that made me write this post is because of George.

Well, to be precise, I was watching Grey’s Anatomy (anyway, there’s going to be a little spoiler here); it was on season 6 episode 1 where they found out that the person with the severe damage was actually George.

Here’s where it gets funny, randomly I paused the movie for awhile to check on an E-Newspaper (Jakarta Globe) and saw an advertisement about Asus Nexus 7 which I found interesting. I clicked on it to get the details. There, I found a link to a video; I clicked on it and the first line in that advertisement was, “this is George.”

and I was like – – – – –┬áSeriously? George?

I know that is not something significant. It’s not like I have some kind of 6th sense or so. But, I am just really wondering if, by any chance, coincidences don’t coincidentally happen at times. I mean, it’s not seldom that I found myself wake up at the same time in the middle of my sleep (some kind of biological clock or what?), or when I have an acne on the left side of my face; another acne will appear on the right side of my face, at the same lining position to the first one.

Why are those coincidences somehow don’t seem coincidental at all.

As if they are a sign of something, a preminition of whatever it is.

While these events keep happening, I then started to take a note of every not-so-coincidentally coincidence that occurs. As many as I can recall, I think these coincidences are, well, suspicious, or just plain silly.

I was born on the date 16,
I was ranked 16 twice while I’m in school, and oh…
I was the second son in my family. So, it’s like 16, 2×16, and 2 …
or I’m just making those numbers in my mind?

when I am thinking about a song in my head,
somehow, another person near to me will sing it or play it.
Maybe, I have some kind of telepathy talent or whatever. Coincidence?

when I don’t want to see a person,
I keep meeting them, or seeing them.
It’s actually pretty annoying.
I have a reason why I don’t want another encounter with them.
But I think God is telling me not to run from my problem, but face it?

when I want to answer a question from my teacher or lecturer,
I will say “me, me, me” in my head repeatedly and I will be picked to answer.
When I don’t want to answer, I still get picked.
Well, so I guess this is getting more and more pointless.

Okay okay, for the last one I was only joking. But seriously, I swear some coincidences are so not coincidental. I mean, look at George.

That must be a sign for something, right? George!
G.E.O.R.G.E ,
it’s a six letter word! Six!

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You’ve Farted Away My Fear

Digging into my memory bank, I could find quite many bittersweet reminisences.




You are one of them.

Here, I could recall that day.

It was a thundery day. The sky was purple.

The clouds were crying.

When we’re hiding from the rain under a ripped ugly umbrella.

Suddenly you gently touched my hand and said, “I just farted.”

“Why are you telling me that?” I asked, somehow couldn’t process your information.

Responding to my question, You came near to me and whispered,

“Because you said you’re afraid of the thunder.”

I didn’t get it, “yes. So?”

“Well, don’t be. That’s not the thunder.” You explained more.

I stuttered as I realized, “Holy cow! that was your fart?

You shyly shook your head. Smiling with a blushing cheek.

I tried not to, but I failed to hold my laughter.

That was hilarious,

and when a thunder roared once more just after that, I asked,

“Is that you? Again?”

You pinched my hand, “of course no!”

And we spent the time guessing whether it’s the real thunder or your fart.

I still love to remember that.

Besides it was comedic, I realized.


You and your fart, had made me forget that I am afraid of the thunder.

Because ever since, each time I hear a thunder,

I remember how you were telling me that it’s your fart.

And the thunder doesn’t seem to be scary anymore.

Thank you, You.

You’ve farted away my fear.

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