Mad Wish

I’ve seen myself
in many-too-many forms
of darkness, of madness,
of dark mess and mad mess…

Others have seen themselves
in those moments, have they?
Chased by tick-tocks, tuts, sneers…
Haunted by the past, the present, the future, and the parallels
Or it’s just a mad guess?
Of is it just me, mad, I guess?

However, no matter how often.
It always feels new…
The unbearable state of half-asleep and half-awake,
and completely wondering
to the point of there’s no point in thinking at all.
Because it’s the thoughts, that harass, the thoughts…

I guess I just miss you, no?
You around. Now you’re so far.
I just miss you around.
But now you’re there afar.
And I just miss you… around…
this is too far. I miss you…

Around and around, these thoughts.
I hope I come around.
These thoughts in the nights,
I hope will never be around…
I hope it’s not a mad wish.
I wish a mad wish…


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2 thoughts on “Mad Wish

  1. Duckie says:

    ==Sad Sandwich==

    I could see my feelings loud and clear.
    It is not hard to smell the disappointment:
    of thinking that you were always true, dear;
    of words you said which were my life’s happy accompaniment.

    I have no idea anymore how to frame them.
    Love and affection, you said.
    I treated them like gems;
    and now you say I was way too ahead.

    I am laughing at how silly those arguments are.
    I am crying, not from your spellings;
    I am sad from realising you have kept these in the jar.
    I am simply numb from all these mixed feelings.

    This sad sandwich is tasteless.

    • Wolfcheese says:

      I just saw this reply… I don’t know what to reply. Everything is confusing now. I wish the time can tell more…

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