See You Today

The night is already a morning.
I am sitting in front of my flashy window,
trying to understand what I am feeling.
Or what might you feel about what I am feeling.
Or what might happen when this feeling perishes,

But wait,
What if it stays? And you don’t?
Or if it leaves? And you stay?
I know it’s fragile, you might leave, you might stay.
When we meet for the first time.
The morning is my tonight. I realized it just now.

How is it possible to be afraid of losing someone,
when you’re actually not mine yet?
My new favorite song is playing whisperingly in a bold scream,
“Wherever you are, I’ll always make you smile.”
It says.

And funny, when I read my message for you,
“See you today.”
It says.
“Not tomorrow, because today is already tomorrow.”
It says.

“Kono saki nagai koto zutto…
douka konna boku to zutto…”
The song says.

I decided to close the day,
to start it again in the next few hours.
My new favorite song, and person, and mystery.
“I promise you ‘forever’ right now”
The song says.

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