If You’re My Alphabets

Amazing how you never realized how much you mean for me.

Be like who you are and who you are not, I couldn’t ask for more or less.

Consider this a lie, but if you’re a sin, you’re worth the hell.

Do not ever fear the feelings I have for you, trust me…

Even if you don’t feel the same about me, I don’t mind.

Fly, because I will never cage you down.

Go wherever you wish for, whenever you feel like it.

Hopefully, someone on your side, has a deeper heart for you.

If you’re my alphabets,

Just to make sure you know, they’re never enough to express all I have for you

Killer of my pride and dignity,

Love is not what I feel about you.

Much more than just love, much much more than just love.

Needless to say, you’re always more than anything I could ever define.

Of your good side, of your bad side, over all of that,

Please, if I give you a cold shoulder, understand that sometimes it hurts.

Questioning my own senses and logics, or…

Raving about how I like you and hate you at the same time.

Stay sane, is not as easy as it sounds anymore.

There are times I secretly push you away so I can breath.

Utter essence of what makes me happy and sad,

Very deadly,

Well, this is not like finding out the value of

in mathematics.

Yonder, is how I am, when trying to leave you, it is like being constantly decreased until reaching…


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