The Scent of This Morning

This morning smells so tender and baby-good.
I recognize lemon and some fresh leaves.
Probably basil, or honeysuckle.
Largo al Factotum is playing in my head!

Figaro! Figaro!

Holy whimsical, it makes a warning!
“Don’t bother to resist, it’s a beautiful chance.”

“Crazy!” I whisper to myself.
I missed all of these because of…
… of what?

My shortcomings?
Blantant disagreement?
No idea, like aforementioned… it’s loony!

Oh! Oh!
And a breakfast with some papaya and a granny smith apple,
I can’t say it’s not becoming. Eh?

Let’s brood, about this comely morning.
The dulcent smell. The bubbly atmosphere.
Erstwhile, just for a while. Why?

It reminds me to learn about forbearance.
How to face imbroglio. Yap!
Can I agree more?

It’s actually Sandalwood.
The scent of this morning.
Summery redolent I suppose…
Might be an umbrella to these cries of silliness.

“Hello, morning!” I screamed.

And the morning replied with a gentle touch of lovely wind.

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