The Rain Bringer



I wore the starry t-shirt once again.

I took it back from my sister’s closet after I gave it to her months ago.

I wanted it… k-c-a-b!


The last time I wore it, I was soaked wet by a heavy rain.

I brought my umbrella but too afraid of the lightning so I didn’t use it.

I walked under the rain, wearing stars on my body. 

Those unfortunate stars. I swear, those unfortunate stars.

Fortunately, I passed the rain.

Unfortunately, I rained the past.

Oh how I love to play with contradiction.

Ouch, how contradiction love to play me around.

Ha… ha…




Any-galaxy, talking about stars.

Do you know that the stars you’re able to see in the night sky are actualy the dead ones?

Yes, they are. Or as far as I know it.


So, one day. When I was on my way home.

I looked at the sky. There were no stars.

It’s too visually quiet.

I guess I hate it. And I hate that I have to guess it.

But  one thing for sure, I realize it’s a cruel feeling.

since that means no stars are dead and I wonder,

“Well, there’s none tonight? So quiet. Wait… why is it that the thing I expect is their death?


Maybe, by any chance,

that’s the reason why I took my starry t-shirt back.

I wish I won’t wish for the stars to die anymore.

Coz’ I’ll have it worn on me. It’s closer and morally right.

Except the fact that I stole the shirt. B-a-c-k.



I got no hunch at all about today.

I wore the starry t-shirt. Yes, the stolen one if you really need to know!!!

And it happened again. I should have knew it.

The starry t-shirt attracts rain to fall on me.

It’s magical, right?

To be precise, one dark magic. Seriously, no joke.


It’s dumb to think about it like that.

But dumb is one of human’s greatest talents, don’t you think so?

In my defense, I am human.

And I’m kind of sure that that’s why…

Some people make the same mistake twice or more.

Like the time they love people who hurt them, and undo their love, and love them back.

Or when they eat something which is far from tasty, and one day they try it again.

Expecting change. Yes. Expectation makes human dumb.

Or dumbness makes human expects…?

As said by someone I forgot the name already.


In the end,

I sat here. Playing with words in my mind.

I thought to myself,

“When did the last time I cry because I did a mistake? When did I smile because I was right?”

I can’t really remember to get the right answers.

Because what I recalled is that.

The last time I smile,

is when I realized that I wore the same starry t-shirt and the rain fell on me.

And the last time I cry,

is… when I was looking at the rainy sky.

It had too many stars.

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