This Tumbleweed Stuck In A Rut




Hope springs eternal?

Zero agreement to that.

I sent myself to the coventry.


Well, let me do a small confession

This thing is haunting me, in a worse way than a ghost can do.

Because no matter how bright my surrounding

or how many people are there beside me is.


I feel uneasy. I worry. I fear.

I don’t have the worst problem in the world.

But that’s another problem.

I feel like I’m in one. And that’s why no one cares.

Because I am not?


I feel like I’m stuck in a rut.

I wonder, what could go more wrong at this point.

Things aren’t broken.

My mind is.


Leaving isn’t a choice.

Staying is not a good deal, either.

Whatsoever, I can’t just leave myself, right?


I suppose, I begin to dis-exist.

Read me. Look at me.

I’m like the tumbleweed on the desert.

I try to roll and pretend like nothing is bugging me at all.

Like the wind is the only thing matters in my life.


But whenever you see me,

you know that I’m bringing the sign of loneliness and exilation.

I guess, I need to reinvent myself.

Where am I going to roll?



Or Between?

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