The Day After Yesterday

For me, nothing’s better than an event when two people meet to open a story.

Because a meeting opens up a lot of opportunities,

I mean, have you ever heard of the many worlds theory by Hugh Everett III or Schrödinger’s cat? Yup, exactly my point. And yes, guess what… that’s precisely how this starts.

A snow, countable. Two leaves.

And us. In an almost fancy restaurant.

We meet. Under a tree.

I remember the day, it is the day after yesterday. You know, a more beautiful way to say, today. I reckon birds. Three are colorless. Two are of rainbow feathers. The rests are featherless.


In every respect. Like you and me.

I am always prepared about things. You are spontaneous. I calculate things. You don’t. I prefer healthy food. You eat recklessly. And I often get mad about that, because those food you eat could make you ill.

And when you are sick, I feel sad.

And I don’t like being sad. Especially if it’s because of you.

I also hate to sweat and be in a hot place, but you are not, you actually like it for reasons I can’t process.  I am short tempered. And you are freaking patient. I just don’t get it, how could you be that chilly.We are different in almost everything but one, you love me. And I love you too.

That’s… most probably the only thing we have in common.

And, I dare to bet on it.

Yup, like I said before, everything happens the day after yesterday. Under half light and half darkness. I can recall, we are having dinner, you have your large portion of sirloin steak and fries-such a weird and unhealthy menu-while I am eating my salad, chewing slices of tomato, lettuce, and tomato. Then, abruptly, you show me a shiny little rock embedded on a circular shaped thing. It is a ring.

And suddenly there’re also flowers. Smells good, like Baby’s Breath, or Azalea, or both, or I actually don’t really know. After that you don’t ask anything, neither do I. You softly pinch my cheek. I blush. You smile. The time stopped. We enter the eternity.

We converse using our eyes.

And, (I’m blushing even more now) lips.

The ring is now a part of me, as a symbol that two things so damn different, could join together. Though we will fight, and we will probably scream at each other (or it’ll just me who will do and you will just suffer for it, hmm… so much for being patient).

I know we will survive. Because I love you, and you love me.

And nothing could break love.

And I have a fat faith that we won’t ever do nothing. So, that nothing won’t stand a chance to come between us. Now, although it happens the day after yesterday, the today of a long time ago. Funny, it’s still so fresh in my head.

The snow, the birds, the ring, your sirloin steak, my salad. Us.

And love.

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