You’ve Farted Away My Fear

Digging into my memory bank, I could find quite many bittersweet reminisences.




You are one of them.

Here, I could recall that day.

It was a thundery day. The sky was purple.

The clouds were crying.

When we’re hiding from the rain under a ripped ugly umbrella.

Suddenly you gently touched my hand and said, “I just farted.”

“Why are you telling me that?” I asked, somehow couldn’t process your information.

Responding to my question, You came near to me and whispered,

“Because you said you’re afraid of the thunder.”

I didn’t get it, “yes. So?”

“Well, don’t be. That’s not the thunder.” You explained more.

I stuttered as I realized, “Holy cow! that was your fart?

You shyly shook your head. Smiling with a blushing cheek.

I tried not to, but I failed to hold my laughter.

That was hilarious,

and when a thunder roared once more just after that, I asked,

“Is that you? Again?”

You pinched my hand, “of course no!”

And we spent the time guessing whether it’s the real thunder or your fart.

I still love to remember that.

Besides it was comedic, I realized.


You and your fart, had made me forget that I am afraid of the thunder.

Because ever since, each time I hear a thunder,

I remember how you were telling me that it’s your fart.

And the thunder doesn’t seem to be scary anymore.

Thank you, You.

You’ve farted away my fear.

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