Broken Into Something

What would happen if the sun never sets?

What would happen if I couldn’t stop thinking about you?

Guess it’d engulf and burn me into ashes?


If it’s true. I wonder,

By any chance, will the scattered parts of me fly to you?

Like this baby lips butterfly.

Pink. Beautiful. But ugly at the same time.

Too pretty it’s hurting?


So many bittersweet memories dwell in my mind.

One I remember is the name of this sweetheart.

“Astonia Scholaris”, darling.

Until you corrected me and said it wasn’t.

I was mistaken. Whitish blue.

Like after you hit me with your cold lips.

But somehow, I found it enjoyable.



I dived.

Into somewhere between the ocean.

And whatever sane part of me that’s left.


Only to find that I’ve turned into this,




I’m not the king of the jungle anymore.


Daisy, oh, Daisy.

I remember your name.

And the fact that it stands for loyal love and purity.

But, are you giving me those? Were you? Will you?


In my hope, it should be the two of us.


But turns out,

my mathematical skill is not that good.


Actually, sadly, it’s just me.

It’s just me who feels that the sun never sets.


I tried to wake up.

That’s why I fly, I wanna be free from you.

That’s why I fly.


I’m fragile.

I’ll always be fragile.

Yet, like a sweet dandelion. I’m gonna fly with the wind.

And survive.


One day. I swear to myself.

I’m gonna bloom into a





Without you.


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3 thoughts on “Broken Into Something

  1. Wow, beautiful and incredibly moving!

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