How To Deal With Hemorrhoids

I suppose, bad feelings are like hemorrhoids. You want them removed but it’s hard to do it by yourself. Furthermore, you’re also ashamed to show people your private area and let them know how bad it actually is.

You don’t, no one, no one really do want their inner bad side to be exposed—–especially in that way.

But on the other hand, if it’s not treated well, it’ll get worse and by the time it can’t be hidden anymore, it’ll reveal itself—-in the most indelicate way. That’s why, I believe the best option to take is to have a complete stranger to do the thing, right?

Well, this, is what I usually do when I have the hemorrhoid. To cope with it, I’ll look for new people, new (you can say)  friends to help me deal with it. And ‘by new people and friends’, I mean doctors, therapists, whoever, I don’t care who,

as long as we don’t know each other and we won’t.

As long as I can get rid of the hemorrhoid without making it something for anyone I don’t want to, to remember I’ve ever had it inside me. I want it to stop bugging me, but I don’t want people to know that I’ve ever struggled with it, because it embarassed me in some particular ways. I don’t want them to know that someone like me have that kind of ugly matter, that grows, alive, on and in me. It’ll hurt my pride and dignity and values. It is going to.

Here’s how my logic works, let’s put it this way, if you have a lover, would you want him to know you have a hemorrhoid? No, you don’t, and you bet you know the reason so I don’t need to explain. But, if (anyway, I doubt it) you do want to tell, for any reason. Please, tell me why? Why would you want him to know such an embarassing thing. He won’t be able to cure it anyway, can he? And the risk is, he’ll dump you because you are having such problem—–inside of you.

So, why would you want your lover to know that you’ve such unpretty feelings? For what? He won’t be able to cure it anyway, can he? And the risk is, he’ll dump you…

Maybe, probably, by any chance, I was wrong about how to deal with this hemorrhoid thingy. Though, it has always been successful for everytime  I have it and I am accustomed to the way I deal with it. If it really truly essentially is wrong, I just want to know why can it be wrong? I need consequential explanation to reason with it. Still, I think I am right.

Speaking of which, what about you guys? How do you deal with your hemorrhoids?

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