Ten Thousandth Color

This little boy is standing on a rainbow. He fidgets, afraid to fall but excited as well. He has never seen such beauty so closely. Curiously, he checks on the skin of the countless colored optical-meteorological phenomenon and started to count. He wonders, he wonders,

“Rainbow, what is your hundredth color?”

The little boy uses his finger to point out the color’s name he could recall, and in no time, he has found his first, “Alizarin Crimson, ah, this color burns, it’s rosy, like mommy’s lips. This is number one, I suppose.” With flickering spirit, the boy continues to count the colors. After the second of Umber, and the fifth of Rich Lilac, the journey continues from Ao to Coquelicot, Dogwood Rose to Drab, Twilight Lavender to Byzantine, until the color Big Dip O’ruby catches the boy’s attention.

“It looks like… wow! Something I remember, but I don’t remember.”

He tries to catch the color, but it quickly escapes. “No! Where do you want go? O’ruby, oh O’ruby, don’t run away from me!” Unfortunately, color is something you can’t control or keep, well, not forever, time will take it away, somehow.

The boy rubs his nose and holds his tears before they fall uncontrollably. He is sad, but he tries to find back his enjoyment by counting the color, and before he realizes it, he has reached —– “Ninty ninth! Aaaah… it’s the Screaming Green! Wait, wait, now, it’s time for the hundreth, and it will be…” The boy’s eyes pop, he almost gets what he’s searching for and almost forgets his sadness of losing the O’ruby, but when he does so, he can’t believe what he has just found, “White?”

It’s the purest white he has ever seen. Almost without any stain.
It is the whitest white, or is it not? He thinks.

“Maybe this is not an ordinary white. Maybe it’s Unicornolod, or maybe my eyes is getting dull.” The boy mumbles to himself. The small voice inside his head tells him to capture the white, but when he remembers about the O’ruby, he chooses to let it go.

Not satisfied, he then decides to find the two hundredth color. It is Aureolin, the yellow color reminds him of the rubber ducks he used to play with when he takes a bath. You bet the rubber-ducky color can’t satisfy him, so he goes for the three hundredth color which is Bright Pink that looks exactly the same as his sister’s ribbon —– to only brings him worse disappoinment.

“Why the colors I found are all ordinary? I want an uncommon color, a special one.”

Therefore, he upsetly digs for the four hundredth and finds Chartreuse, but he has lost joy, he can’t help himself, even the Dark Tangerine on the five hundredth, Fandango on the six hundredth, and Bisque on the seven hundredth can’t cheer him up. “I want my O’ruby back! Hiks… hiks…” He begins to cry. Now, he becomes conscious of what he really wants, “Why… why can’t I have it? I don’t want the other colors, I don’t want them, I want my O’ruby, just my O’ruby.”

It’s not for a short time, he cries for days and nights. No one knows how long he has cried before he regains his conscience, but it’s certainly on one particular second when he stops his own tears and encourages himself, “maybe, maybe, I’ll find what I am looking for on the ten thousandth color.” So, he wonders, he wonders,

“Rainbow, what is your ten thousandth color?”

Even though he is tired of counting and recalling the name of the colors (regardless of his color-genius trait), the boy won’t give up and by the end of the time, he has reached the nine thousand ninty ninth color, Café Au Lait.

“Finally, it’s time for the ten thousandth!” The boy rejoices and inhales a lot of air before he closes his eyes to by the count of one, two, three… he opens them again and smiles when he sees what he sees, the ten thousandth color is right there.

“Finally I found it,
something I don’t remember, but I remember.”

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