Who Suffers More?

Once upon a time, there were 2 women, they were at the exact age, the exact physical appearance, they are twins. They both got married at the same age of 23, right after they had finished college. The marriages lasted for the same 20 years. They both had 2 children. They both greatlly love their husbands and families as much. Everything was the same but one,

the way they lost their husbands, it was different.

The first woman, Janet, found her husband had passed away in his room because of a sudden heart attack when she got back from work. She lost him because of death. Right after the event, Janet felt like losing a big part of herself, she couldn’t stop from crying everytime she remembers any memories about him. She missed him a lot, but he had gone for good. There’s nothing else she could do but to suffer from his leaving.

The second woman, Bella, found her husband was having an affair and therefore, after a lot of fights and tears and broken hearting screamings at each other, they both decided to get divorced. Bella’s husband moved to live in another country right after the event, cruelly left Bella and his children. Everyday, after the event, Bella felt depressed, she kept thinking what had gone wrong? What’s wrong with her? Why would he cheat on her? After these 20 years of being together, why? But all those so-many-whys couldn’t be answered. Therefore, she suffered from losing him, of course, in a different way compared to Janet. She lost him because he chose to leave.

So, who suffers more? Janet, who knows her husband (who of course truly love her) is gone because of something he didn’t choose? Or Bella, who knew her husband left on purpose? If you were to choose between those two women, who do you want to be? Janet or Bella? If (only if) you need to suffer from losing someone you truly-really love, if you can choose the ending of your relationship, which one do you think is the worse and which one is the better?

Which one do you think you can cope better and give you less suffering? To lose your partner because of the deathOr to lose your partner because he never really love you?

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