Guess Me

I dance, but I don’t move.
I am alive but I don’t breathe.
I am a quantity that you can’t count.
I am a scent without a smell.
I sing, but am voiceless.
I am a game, yet can’t be played.
I fly, though am wingless.
I laugh, but tears are the sign.
I cry, and that means I am happy.
You can judge, but only when you know how not to judge me.
I love to looking at the rain when the day is sunny.
You know me but don’t recognize me.
I explain myself but you don’t understand.
I am a sickness in a healthy condition.
If you think I am true, then your are false.
Find me in a secret place, as if I am hiding.
You have learnt about me before you’re taught.
I am here, there, and somewhere else.
In the same different time.
I am the best worst thing in the world?
“What Am I?” I asked, but it’s not a question.

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One thought on “Guess Me

  1. Irwan Juanda says:

    Thanks for the likes. Really appreciate them.

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