Agnostist: When People Ask About My Religion

Personally, i find it kind of difficult and awkward if people ask about my religion (speaking of which, isn’t it supposed to be something private?) I don’t mind telling others about my religion, but the problem is when they give ‘those’ responses after i said that i considered myself as an agnostist. I’m not that much agnostic, i must say, i don’t really care about breaking or arguing over the reliability of a religion or stuffs, for me it is just as simple as me-myself find it hard to choose between religions since i believe in some parts of some religions. Yeah, I am that kind of—–agnostist.

Here’s my explanation. First, I believe in reincarnation (Buddha), but i also believe in God and heaven (Christian). Second, I can’t choose from between. Third, I can’t make myself to believe that heaven doesn’t exist or reincarnation doesn’t occur. I believe in both, and that complicates everything. Fourth and last, if i said that i’m a Christian, doesn’t that mean i’m denying my Buddhist’s belief? And if i said that i’m a Buddhist, how am I supposed to think that God doesn’t exist. Well, that’s why,,,

I’m an agnostist. Period.

There, then, that should explain the meaning of my agnosticism (most of people usually misintepret it), because another misleading opinion about my ‘religion’ is when people assosiate agnostism with atheism, when, they’re literally and factually not the same.

Here is the main difference: agnotism refers to the belief that a religion might be not 100% right or the holy books should not be considered as a doctrine while atheism is the disbelief of religion, God, and all aspect relevants to the matter.

“Agnotism believes but not completely, Atheism doesn’t believe, completely, in Supreme God”—-this is my opinion about the basic and most understandable difference between both, as an agnostist.

Now, if you have the right answer for me to reply to people when they are having lunch with me and give out the question, “what’s your religion?” please tell me, because until now i haven’t found the most suitable one.

Should it be:

1. I believe in God, but I don’t have a religion

2. I don’t choose a religion

3. I am 50% Christian & the rest is Buddhist

4. I am agnostist (that’s it, and wait for their response)

5. I won’t answer, it’s a private information!

6. The only thing i can say is, i am not an atheist

By the way, what’s your religion? 😛

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3 thoughts on “Agnostist: When People Ask About My Religion

  1. Irwan Juanda says:

    Thanks for the likes… appreciate them…

  2. Hello (sorry I don’t know your name). I like your objectivism, sincerity and simplicity. I happen to accept your definition if agnosticism. However, am a Christian Writer and Blogger. Well, let me just say, an a Christian apologist. Agnosticism and atheism are different in themselves but share the same root philosophy of humanism.
    Misotheism also is a branch. I very much believe that religion shouldn’t be inherited, else, it’s lukewarmness. It should rather be inherited. So my question my dear is, what has led you to your belief? Is it frustration, anger, personal choice, sentiment of a diligent search for the truth?
    Think about this! I don’t think you can hold to two beliefs when you’ve done properly unbias research utilising available concordances and extant books.
    Thank you.

    • Irwan Juanda says:

      Hi James, thanks for the kind responses to discuss this. That is a really interesting question about what led me to my current belief. I supposed it is basically because i attended Christian school which taught a lot about Christianity for a consecutive 9 years, it even has exam for the subject (just like other subjects) here in my country and we’re obligated to go to church every week as a requirement to pass the subject. However, my family is Buddhist and of course it both directly and indirectly lets me understand Buddha as much as i learn about Jesus. I don’t think it is negative stuffs that made me an “agnostist”, in fact i have experienced blessings and miracles from both religions. I think that’s why i can’t find myself denying one for another. 🙂

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