Paracosm Phenomenon

What if one day you wake up and suddenly find out that the life you used to live, the people you know, the places you’ve ever gone to, the plants you see, the animals you are afraid of, and the sky above you, are just imaginations.

This is the thing that happened to people with the Paracosm Phenomenon, (as i know from reading a book about psychological disorder), well, i always love to learn about psychology. And this one, really attracts me to know it better.

I forgot (and too lazy to google), but i think it can be included in the family tree of Skizofrenia. I’ve never met a person with this disorder, but i think it’s not far different from what had happened to Leonardo in his movie ‘Shutter Island’.

What he thinks is his reality, is actually just an imagination.

Worse than what happened to Leonardo, Paracosm disorder include everything as an imagination, not only people, or memory, but everything. From what i read about it, the sun, the moon, the sea, the matters experienced by people with Paracosm disorder are actually different from reality. It could be that, their yellow is actually another color of purple or green, flowers are actually birds, food are actually not eaten from mouth but ears. I mean, everything the sufferer knows, is in fact not factual, it’s not real.

Isn’t that scary? Or, on the other hand, cool?

Or it can be considered funny, if, in some case, your mother is actually your neighbor, your sister is actually your teacher, your teacher is your lover, your boss is your sandals (i wish)?

Oh gosh, It’s kinda weird. I mean, the disorder, and the way i’m writing it. But, whatever, i’m just going to continue.  But, wait… wait… something has just gotten into my mind, wait… wait… wait! What if, the experience of writing this post in wordpress is actually just an imagination—–my imagination? Okay, i’m twisted, wait, wait, I mean. Oh, just forget it. It’s just me being overthink.

Skip it. Now, another question for this Paracosm Phenomenon is, how could it happen? What’s the cause? Hmmm, in my opinion as a person who love psychological stuff, it could be a self-defense mechanism of avoiding ‘reality’.

Or, maybe, it’s just God—–being creative.

Hmmmm, the last, before i end this post, another thing just come up into my head. What if (again), in fact, when we died, at that same time, we wake up, and find out that we’re just opening a new ‘journey’ into reality. I mean, could it be that

being alive is just an imagination…?

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3 thoughts on “Paracosm Phenomenon

  1. Anon says:

    I have a paracosm. Your description is far from how I experience mine. But yes, other people may experience it this way. Despite excessive searching I have never found another person with a paracosm.

  2. Rachel Pariah says:


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