My Parents White Hair

That night I was watching Blue Bloods, it was on the episode where agent Reagan got himself in a problem which he is suspected over something. Well, I’m not really paying attention. My mom and dad were beside me, lazying while listening to a Chinese old song together with a handsfree. Lol, how romantic was it?

My mind was jumping flickeringly, about my job, my new job, my friends and stuffs. It’s kinda full, my mind, plus my parents’ activities there beside me, they’re then talking about everything, making fun of each other, and on and on.

Out of sudden, my mom asked me if my dad looks darker from the day they got married, she gave me their wedding picture and i said he actually looked brighter. And she continued to talk about how my dad often makes funny faces when he snored at night, about how she enjoyed it when she couldn’t sleep at night, yup, and on and on.

Aw, i feel embarassed yet flattered. Next, she did a facial for my dad, tried to pull out the blackheads from his face. And she then talked about my dad’s white hair, there, then i realized how old they’ve turned into.

And it scared me, to think about the fact that they’re not as strong as they were. Or how their healths have been gradually weakening.

I am 22 now, and they’re like almost 60. It’s just, i know a lot of time i still need them to support me when bad things happened or when i’m stuck and needed someone’s to tell me which way to go.

It’s also felt so sad that i also realized that they won’t be there forever. Still, it’s obviously the one of the most thing i want to deny.

I still haven’t made them proud enough of me, haven’t made them happy enough or made enough pay-back for all the things they’ve done for me. Seriously, mom, dad, I love you guys so much.

Damn those white hair, and thank for those white hair also, they remind me that i’ve to do something faster.

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