Twenty Second

November 16, 2011

It was my 22nd birthday, and with the authority and my super self-centered ego i’m having, i forced my students (lol, guess if i was kidding or not) to make me some birthday greetings. They were so excited back then. It was fun, and totally unforgettable for me. They’re so lovely, it’s so sad that i must ‘leave’ them by December since i’ve gotten myself a new job—which i hope will suit me well.

So there they are, the small little things i want to keep and remember forever. I hope one day they’ll open this post and that’s why i’m writing this.

“Thanks, little mates, i might act a little or maybe too strict sometimes, but you know, that’s needed to tame monsters, right? Lol. But I know all of you also know that I love you guys so much, don’t you? And yeah, thanks for giving me an opportunity to become a small part in your fun worlds and taught me one or two things about life. I hope one day we’ll meet again.”

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