The Other Cat


Yesterday, when i was walking home after doing a job interview. I saw a white-orange stripes cat lying still on a stair. First, i thought it was dead, so I walked closer to look at it. Fortunately, i was wrong, the orange cat moved and played its tail.

So, i took my leave but when i turned my head, i saw a group of grey-white stripes cats playing together on the corner not so far from the stair which the orange cat was lying at.

Then, as i have a trivia-mind, i can’t resist the wonder of why the orange cat didn’t join the group. Is it because the orange cat is too lazy to play with the others? Or maybe the orange cat’s basicly a loner?

Or, is it because of their colors?

Well, i just knew it then, so there’s also discrimination in cats’ society… Meooooooowwwww…..!?

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2 thoughts on “The Other Cat

  1. vina says:

    hihii…jadi maksudnya karena bulunya oranye-putih ga gabung sama yang abu-putih yaa….
    umm, irwan merhatiin aja kucing-kucing yang lagi main dan kucing yg menyendiri…:D tapi memang unik yaa kalo itu kebetulan… kebetulan yg sendirian itu yg oranye… makanya bikin orang jadi kepikiran….

    ya sudahlah, asal manusia jangan ikutan aja… ga gabung main dan bergaul sama yang beda warnanya 😀 *saia pun masih belajar sih…hehee….

    btw, wan…ini ceritanya abis pulang interview… bagaimana hasilnya? masih menunggu kabar kah? 🙂

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