The Potion Of The Apt Option (Part 2 – Ending)

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The next day, the eldest son found the sky’s clear. Not even a sign of raining could be seen there. He then happily dried his cottons and thanked his father for the nice weather he had yearned for the previous day. That whole day, smile was painted on his face because joy was what he constantly felt. His cottons had never been any fluffier and stronger, and had higher quality. He could sell them with the highest price, and gained more money to expand his business, or, to buy a present for his father as a thankful gift. So he made up his mind and promised to himself that the next day, he was going to visit his father.

On the other hand, still in the same day, the youngest son found that the sky’s crying. The abundant tears were almost flood his field. But thankfully, his drying yet thirstful crops were in need of a lot amount of water, so nothing bad could happen but a revived field. The youngest danced joyfully after finding out that his crops were back to theirs good condition, moreover, they’re getting better, even, unexpectedly had reached their best condition. Tomatoes were never that red before, watermelons were never that juicy, there must be some kind of miracle from the drop of the rain. He could sell his crops with the highest price due to their qualities. Didn’t forget about the help behind that magical occuring, he then prepared a gift and would bring it to his father, as planned on the next day.

Short to tell, that day then had passed, and that tomorrow had come, and both of the youngest and eldest had arrived at their father’s house at the same time. They got into a short conversation while knocking the door and waiting for their father to come out.

The eldest said, “I came here to give this present to father as he had wished for me such a beautiful weather yesterday. A weather that’s not only had saved my cottons but also my life. And you, my brother, what’s your purpose to come here?”

The youngest chuckled a bit and said, “funny, I came here just exactly for the same reason. Of the beautiful weather father had wished for and for the life he had saved.”

So they knocked the door. Knocked and knocked but no one came. Soon, they began to feel anxious. Thus they broke into the house but found no one. Mr. Whitinger had dissapeared. Nothing was left but a house that’s still arranged neatly. They got no clue where their father had gone. Scarely, they began to ask for his father’s neighbors, friends, and even to their mother who had divorced with their father a long time ago. But no one knew where he was. In distress, they then remembered about the story Mr. Whitinger had told them when they’re little boys.

There is a legendary tree in the forest of knowledge. Its branches are holding the roads to all worlds. It’s leaves are the beds for the foundation that keeps the balance of the living and the death. It has lived longer than any living beings in the universe. The great Yggdrasil is what it is called, and it is believed that it also holds the answers to all things.

Therefore, there was where they went. In short time, because of their knowledge of land terrain and location-finding, they’ve found the Yggdrasil, and not to wait any longer they began to ask it about the presence of their father.

“Where had our father gone, great Yggdrasil? We had lost him without any slighest clue where he could have left for.”

The Yggdrasil neither said nor telepathed a thing, it only shook the earth’s skin, and with one of its root, it pointed to a spesific direction. The same way to where Mr. Whitinger had left for-the hut of the soothsayer-to get the potion of the apt option.

So, just like what Mr. Whithinger had gone through, the two sons also walked into the journey of thorny vines, rocky roads, dark tunnels, and countless more dangerous paths. Their feet bruised. Their sweats had dried to their last drop of exhaustion. But of the will to find and save their father, they gained the power to keep moving and finally arrived at an unknown hut. They didn’t know what it was, but when they saw a lying door, they got no more option but to jump in. After went throught an aberrant transportation, just like what their father had, they found themselves standing in an unfamiliar room, which they don’t know as the soothsayer’s room.

“Welcome to my homey,” was the first thing they got from the owner’s of the room. A young man-not older than 20 years old, they believed-was smiling at them, “what are your matters to find me here, ahh… the sons of Mr. Whitinger?”

“How did you know who we are?” Asked the eldest, trying to hide his stratling.

“I know everything, Ian.” He pointed his finger to the eldest’s nose, “your name.” And move it to the youngest’s, “and also yours, Bigg.” He then turned around, and turned back again, without any exact purpose could be seen from his choose of actions.

“I know that both of you come here to seek for your father. I even had knew it before you planned to come here, or before I knew you would come here to seek for Mr. Whitinger. More, I must say, I had knew it even before i knew i would know that both of you would come here, far before the both of you found the reason of coming here-which is-the gone of your father. And, I had knew it even before Mr. Whitinger came here to find the potion of the apt option, or before he had the reason to find it, which is because of—–the both you.” The soothsayer giggled, grinded, and made a gesture of dancing. Felt excited over the words he said himself and laughed louder when he saw Ian’s and Bigg’s confused faces.

“Wait, so our father had come here? To find that potion of aptitude or something? But for what?” Asked Bigg according to the information he could dechiper.

“Because you asked for the rain,” he suddenly threw powder to Bigg’s face and also to Ian’s before he continued his words, “and he asked for the contrast.”

The sons began to look at each other and started to understand everything. “Oh, no, what have we done? It’s all because of us.” whispered Ian to himself while looking at the floor’s tile that looked like a map of the world.

“Yet it is.” Bigg agreed to his bigger brother. “But, what exactly had happened? Did father drink the potion? What happened after that? Where is he?”

“Ssssh, sssh, hold it, Bigg. I found that you have the same fondness as i have, which is the liking of asking questions, eh, but would you really want to know the answers?”

“Yes, i would.” Ian & Bigg shouted in unison.

“Well, then. Listen and watch carefully.” The soothsayer spread colorful powder into the air and images of Mr. Whitinger’s journey started to appear. “First, yes, he drank the potion of the apt option. He’d dared himself to the consequences i’d told him before for the love he had for both of you. And he turned into-” The image showed how Mr. Whitinger’s body little by little turned into the cloud and flew up above, higher and higher, wider and wider until it really changed into—“the sky.”

“So there he is, up above. Therefore, he could control the weather and by that, he managed to bring rain to his youngest son’s field and keep the sky clear for his oldest son.”

Ian and Bigg couldn’t feel anymore shock than they had at that moment. “Oh no, what should we do now?” They began to ask themselves, but couldn’t find any idea how to solve that problem.

“If there’s just something that can help us to choose for what’s right to do now. If there’s just anything like that existed. I will know what to do.” Said Bigg with great grieve shown on his face.

“There is!” Ian suddenly responded. “There is a thing that can help us!”

“What?” Bigg couldn’t get what his brother’s been talking about.

The potion of the apt option.

“Aaaaah, the potion of the apt option, do you mean-” The soothsayer danced his right palm and its fingers gently, and pooofff-ed, a flask contained with a putrid, pleghm-like elixir appeared from nowhere, “-this?” —– exactly the same event that Mr. Whitinger experienced.

“Wait, brother, you’ve seen what had happened to father after he drank that fishy potion. We don’t know what’ll happen to us.” First, Bigg was against that idea, but then his brother changed it with the words that crushed his heart,

“My brother, father had been very brave to took this potion for us because he love us so much? Won’t we do the same thing for him? Aren’t our loves is as big as his?

Bigg shook his head for the questions that doubted his love for his father, and after that he nodded, to the decision whether he’ll take the same path as his father took or not.

“Then, I and my brother have agreed to this idea. So, please, let us taste the same drink as our father had drunk before, but before, tell us that it will bring us to re-join our father once again.” Ian said to the soothsayer.

“Yes, you’ll be together once again, the three of you. Maybe not in the way you’ve imagined, but yes, you will.”

“That’s all we need to hear.” Said Bigg unhesistantly. Thus, the soothsayer handed the potion to Ian and Bigg. Ian drank the half first, and Bigg drank the rest.

The potion tasted like nothing much different than water. But the reactions were undescribeably strange. Bigg started to cry, he couldn’t stop his tears and Ian gradually started to lost his memories and shrink into his younger self. And after that, a canvas of painting suddenly appeared from nowhere and sucked them in. In that canvas, Bigg still couldn’t stop crying until he turned into the sad, gloomy sea. Ian himself had turned into a litttle boy that keeps looking at his little brother, the sea, and couldn’t stop wondering why it is so sad. In the end, Mr. Whitinger, who is at the moment formed as the sky, also sucked into the canvas. Thus, the three had rejoined in the painting, but unfortunately, not in the way the had ever imagined—–just like what the soothsayer had said before. (More about the painting here:

“What a beautiful painting.” mumbled the soothsayer with a grind on his lips, “I think i know who will love to have this painting.”


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