The Potion Of The Apt Option (Part 1)

One day, an old man came to the forest of knowledge to find the great Yggdrasil —– the holder of all worlds. The old man was in need of help. He needed someone, or something, or anything to share him the right idea about choosing the right decision. Here was the crux. In that day’s morning, before the dew fell from leaves, both of his sons had come to ask for his prayer. Both came in their own time, but asked for the same-different prayers.

The eldest arrived first, he wanted his father to pray for him. “Dad, please wish for the sky to hold his tears. I need no rain tomorrow, I have to keep my cottons dry. The rain doesn’t suppose to fall tomorrow, and i really mean it should not. But if it does, i’d rather to kill myself by jumping into the sea.”

Of course the old man couldn’t resist and let his son down and said, “yes, my boy, i will wish you the weather you asked for. You need not to taste the salty death in the sea.”

After the leaving of the eldest to his house, the youngest came right in time to aggravate the old man. He asked for a contradictive prayer, but for the same purpose like his bigger brother’s —– a prayer for his own good. “Dad, please wish for the tears of the sky to shed the day after today. I need it to revive my field. My crops are all almost die of drying. The rain must fall, it should. But if it doesn’t, i’d rather to burn myself and turn into ashes.”

As a father, apparantely the old man couldn’t let himself to dissapoint his son, or worse to let him die so he nodded. “Yes, my boy, i will wish you the weather you asked for. You need not to taste hell’s fire before you die.” And then, his son went back to his house. Left the old man confounded to his knees and fingers,

he couldn’t grab the right hint concerning what he should do to keep his promises and to prevent his sons from killing themselves.

“Ygg, please help this hopeless man. Tell me what should I do to save the both of them?” questioned the old man with sad voice and his forehead bowed to kiss the land’s soil, right in front of the Yggdrasil. Thus, touched by the old man’s true love for his sons, the Yggdrasil answered him by telepathing a voice inside the old man’s head.

“I can’t help you to choose for what is right, old man. But I can help you to find who can assist you with your matter and give solution to your cause. Listen carefully, not far from here, lives a great soothsayer, he has invented the potion which can clear the mind and help whoever drinks it to take the right step over the most crucial bent road in life. You can find him by following where my roots lead to. May you find success with your journey, great father.”

After the Yggdrasil finished its last sentence, the old man lost the connection. The giant tree gave no more clue but a little movement from the earth’s skin with its roots which suddenly moved and pointed to the direction of Northeast. There, then the old man took his next course.

His journey ought him to pass through thorny vines, rocky roads, dark tunnels, and countless more dangerous paths. His feet bruised. His sweat had dried to its last drop of exhaustion. But he didn’t stop even once, because he knows the time won’t let the day hold its movement. And he knew he was right, because just in a blink of his blurred eyes, he found the sun almost set, in another second, light had gone and the night had come.

So he hurried, cared not for his own life force, all he knew were he had to find that soothsayer and ask for his potion —– the potion of the apt option.

“I need to save both of my sons.” is his motivation, he repeated those words each time he couldn’t move his feet and each time his body petrified of losing energy. Fortunately, before he really collapsed and passed out of tiredness, he had reached the soothsayer’s hut. It was weird, the walls were constructed from glowing mushrooms that emit thousands of colors that keeps changing by themselves. Its roof was made of papers and leaves, spinning without exact direction like a non-stop hurricane. Its doors and windows were not standing but sleeping on the land, the dimension of the hut was irational. But those bizzarenesses didn’t prevent the old man to find the soothsayer, even though he is hesitant, he then crouched to open the door and jumped into the hut. Magically, after past through an abberant teleportation, he found himself standing in an unfamiliar room which he thought is supposed to be the soothsayer’s room.

“Welcome to my homey,” suprisingly, the old man heard a young man’s voice behind his back. In that instant, he turned his head and found a teenager-not older than 20 years old, he believed-smiling at him. “what is your matter to find me here, Mr. Whitinger?”

“How did you know my name?” The old man tried to hide his stratling.

“I know everything, Mr. Whitinger. That is not something surprising, I even had had known your reason of seeking me to my place here. More, i must say that I had had known that i am going to have had known your problem, before you had it or before i knew i’ll know that i’ll had known it.” The soothsayer giggled a bit. He looked & sounded crazy.

“If you had known all of it even before all of it happen, or before you-yourself knew that you’ll know all of it, why you asked me the question just now?”

“Ahhh, what a rigid old-man. can’t I just have a little fun over there, young man? I have a fondness over asking questions, so please bear with it a little, can you, young man?”

“I beg your pardon, but i am far older than you are, so don’t call me young man, Mr. …” Mr. Whitinger realized he hadn’t known the soothsayer’s name.

“It’s Nameless. Just call me Nameless, or Anonymous. I love those to be put as my name. And, to your knowledge, Mr. Whitinger, about my age… wait, before that, i must ask you a question first, do you know how old is the Yggdrasil?”

Mr. Whitinger tried to calculate but he couldn’t find the right number. So he shook his head.

“That’s too bad, because i think someone just might know my real age.” Mr. Nameless grinded a little, moved in uncertain directions and gave out wacky gestures.

“Excuse me, but are you the Yggdrasil?”

“Is that the matter you want to ask me by coming here, young man?”

“No, it is not.”

“So hold your tounge! Be more polite to someone older than you are!” The Soothsayer suddenly turned angry. Mr. Whitinger could see his hair started to change color into auburn. That signed him to stop asking unnecessary questions.

“Mr. Nameless, i didn’t want to infuriate you, but, about the potion…” Mr. Whitinger timidly spoke after encouraged himself with the thoughts of his sons.

“Aaaaah, the potion of the apt option, do you mean-” The soothsayer danced his right palm and its fingers gently, and pooofff-ed, a flask contained with a putrid, pleghm-like elixir appeared from nowhere, “-this?”

“Yes, it is. Mr. Nameless, i begged you, please, can I have a little drop of it to help me choose for the right decision to solve my bad situation i’m having right now?”

“It depends, young man.”

“Depends on what?”

“On how much you dare to sacrifice yourself. There are unknown side effects to the drinker of this potion, young man?”

“What are they?”

“I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you say you know everything?”

The soothsayer walked closer to Mr. Whitinger and whispered to his left ear with a naughty tone, “what if i don’t want to tell you?”

“I’m fine with that, as long as you can tell me that my sons are going to be alright.” Mr. Whitinger didn’t want to argue with the insane soothsayer’s annoying behavior, he focused himself to the concern of his sons.

“Yes, they will, not that alright, but definitely they’ll cheat the death.”

“That’s all I need to hear.”

“So, ready to sail?” The soothsayer handed the flask to Mr. Whitinger.

“Anything for my sons.” Mr. Whitinger took the flask without a single doubt shown on his face and drank the potion of the apt option to its last drop.

(To Be Continued)

***Note: The part that tells about the sons which asked for the same-different prayers from their father was adapted from a fairy-tale book I read when I was little. I forgot what’s the title of that tale. But, besides that, the other parts were my original idea to expand the story.

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