Think First or Sense First

Waking up at time i didn’t plan to, checking my schedule and found nothing to do for the last 6 hours have made me come to this weird but interesting question. Actually it’s only about the curiosity of how mind works. To make it short, here’s the crux.

“What comes first, thoughts, or senses?”

To think about it, it’s a pretty ambiguous matter (or is it just me being arse). Well, let’s say we saw the overcast sky and thought it’s going to rain after the ‘seeing’, isn’t it obivous that the sense (of vision) comes first? But, let’s re-think it over, “what made us choose to see the sky in the beginning?”

It’s kinda riddling, isn’t it? So here’s the calculation; 1st, you think you need to find out about the weather for certain purpose. 2nd, after you found something out (which is the fact that the sky is overcast), you began to think that it is going to rain.

So, think (to) sense causes you to think (again).

But, what if this is the case? You are walking across the road,  suddenly someone bumps to you from the back, you react by looking at the person. Here, from the beginning you’ve never thought about the bumping or the person first. It is pure started with the bumping. You sensed the bump, it triggered to the thought of finding out about the bumping or what has happened to your back, or the person.

There, you sense the bump first and  it makes you think

Actually i remember something that is close to explain this question back in my psychology class, i forgot the title of this study and too lazy to google it. All i can remember is this cognitive-affective-conative stages of responses. Simply, the cognitive area consists of knowledge, information and stuffs like that, affective means emotion or feelings, and conative is the behavioral matters. The study basicly implies that people got information (cognitive) first, then the information gathered yields particular emotion (affective) and in the end, using the information or/and emotion, people will act. Interestingly, the study also explains how the action took, then, can give them another experience (cognitive) and make them feel (affective) different emotions, therefore (maybe) they’ll make another action. So it is like a circle that never ends.

But unfortunately, the study didn’t help that much to confirm which begins first, the cognitive area related to thinking or the conative area of action ——— included sensing.

In the end, here i got an easy example to explain how complicated this matter is (in my personal opinion)—– to wake up from sleep. So, waking up is an action (conative), right? But, how does it happen? Do we just suddenly wake up without any reason at all (without those cognitive and affective stages to start with)? Or, something –we don’t know– wakes us up, like a biological alarm or else and without any notice or in a flash that we didn’t realize, we actually had passed those stages?

Then, back to the main question, which do you think is right? We wake up because we think we need to wake up (just like that) or we sense something that wakes us up and think that we shouldn’t continue our sleep anymore? Think first or sense first?

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3 thoughts on “Think First or Sense First

  1. Irwan Juanda says:

    Thanks Imonthebandwagon for liking this. 🙂

  2. Hi Irwan!

    Thanks so much for liking some of my poems and for subscribing! I appreciate your support! I look forward to reading more of your writing, too! 🙂

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