We’ve Lost It

Life’s a tantrum.
It’s a mere peak of how people fulfill their own wishes.
and that’s exactly how we lost our relationship.

I’m with my pride and self-restriction.
You, and your choices of gliding on freedom plus funny irresponsible way of living.

I think we both have choose the right way.
It’s just the condition which makes it dull.
False… super-wrong…
finally, unstable.

I realize,
Some part of me really put it on my wrong box…
While others,,, shielding me from being hurt again.
Yeah.  Ego. Fear. Thoughts… negativity.

Geez, it’s a moment ago you saw me…
gloomy eyelid with black wet bushes,

Actually i was smiling.
Laugh so hard that tears come off my eyes.
And i’m pretending like you don’t know the truth.

life’s a forest.
It’s green and fresh.
But it’s so dangerous, traps everywhere…

and that’s how we lost it.
We play too much.
We overwork it.
We fall too deep.

That’s how we hurt ourselves…

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