The Boy & The Sea (Full Version)

There’s a little boy in the painting. Only his back can be seen. It’s fragile and shabby. He’s looking at the sea. God painted it with a sad blue taste. The surrounding reefs are grey, trying to be brown but failed. The boy’s standing, not firmly, as if there’s wind blowing his feet and balance. He keeps looking at the sea, he wonders if it’s actually formed from tears. Because it’s so sad.

No song. Nothing but silence. The boy tries to sing but failed. The wind blows his voice. The reefs block his courage. There is a little boy and the sea. The boy’s clothes are grey, trying to be green but failed. His pants are torn, showing his weak calf. The wind blows, the silence mutes, and the sea stalks. The boy’s still standing, not even close to firm, as if the wind shatters him, as if the silence pushes him to fall.

He keeps looking at the sea and wonders if it feels the same, Or it is not?

So the boy looked into the tears that formed the sea and asked, “sea, why you look so sad?” The sea echoed the boy with the same question, “boy, why you look so sad?” The boy stratled, he sees nothing but himself on the reflection of the sea. “Hey! I am asking you, why you ask me back?” The sea silenced. And the boy can’t help but to ask another question, “sea, why you look so gloomy, dark, and empty?”

“I reflect the sky, little boy.” Answered the sea seemingly.

“Why so?” The boy go deeper with his own investigation.

“Because the sky is facing me, and i’m pretending to be the only thing i’m looking at, in this case, the sky.” The sea gives out a clear clue.

“Your answer is not pleasing.” But the boy still don’t get it.

“I am not created to please you.”

Upset and dissapointed by the sea, the boy looked up and shouted to the sky, wonder if he can find a better answer for his curiosity. “Sky, why you look so dark and cloudy that makes the sea turns gloomy?” But suprisingly, in that instant, the sky closed his face with the grey clouds. Maybe the boy has asked  the wrong question. The sky started to cry out of  sudden. “What happened?” The boy flustered. Confused with the unpredictable heart of the sky.

But no matter how the boy apologizes or cheers the sky up, by the gone of each second of the hand of time, the sky’s  tantrum turns worse. He gives no answer but thundering screams and  raining tears to the boy. Helplessly, the boy looked down to the sea once again. Now, he can  see 3 reflections on the sea. The blurry images show; himself, the rain,  and the sky.

Unfortunately, the boy still can’t connect those images into something he can understand.

So the boy looks closer to the sea. Try to examine the flickering  water droplets each time a rain falls into the sea, and hope he can find  an explanation to his question. A question about his questions, maybe. “Sea, sky, rain, why all of you look so sad?” Asked the boy for the  last time. But sadly, all he can find is his own reflection on the sea’s  surface. In the end, the only answer the boy can get is an echoing voice from the sea.

“Boy, boy, boy, why you look so sad?”

There’s a little boy in the painting. Only his back can be seen. He is looking at the sea. Only there, his face can be revealed, through the reflection from the sky. And every pieces of his existences are there, in the sea, in the sky, and in the rain. God has painted it with a sad blue taste. The Boy and The Sea.’

“So, how do we get his sadness?”

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