So Called

I think you’ll never know how i fall,
it’s a mere joke to you…
you were so sweet…
and i were so…
so called love you…

it felt so true that it hurts…
and i bet you’ll never know how my heart skip a beat,
everytime i see you…
or i think i see you…

it’s almost a year and my heart still loses its’ beat…
have u stolen it…?
manipulate me… to the point i lost my sense at all?

this feeling is like a song…
the thing so called love,
is a traitor of dignity,
how can i treasure it?
if it keep ruining my pride and all?

you were so sweet,
tell me… i’m not hallucinating,
i’m this low that what i need is just for you to tell me that you know me…

and this so called love…
when will it end?

so called it… forever?

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2 thoughts on “So Called

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