Catch A Lively Day

It’s barely dark on the sky,
i see it’s almost the ending,

how come i still don’t get  it?
Where are you putting your map?
Why do you give signs ?
baby, i hate to do the readings…
you knew it, don’t you?
You aim it, rite?

Now i’m simply sitting in this cold wall,
looking at some stars that seem so dead…
waiting in locked heart-room, baby you can’t touch anymore…

it does need so much tickling on the clock,
Geez, can i stand it like this on and on?

Then i close my eyes,

Hey, hey, it’s morning already…
and the  sun shine like first kiss on a romantic beach,
it’s warm..

well, i hear birds singing and see leaves pouring dews…
While i’m sitting on my bed…
I’ think of you,
i touch the blanket which always belongs to you,
You used to be there… but now you’re gone…

I need to go, to some happy places…
I got to pack my stuffs,

i need to catch my life back,
urgent retreivals, silence the memories…

Lively day, where are you?

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