Blank Paper’s Corner

It’s just,,,
i almost cry when you said

“I hope i’d never met you…”

while i’ve this words of,,,

“I’m so lucky that i met you…”

on the end of my tounge…

maybe those pains in my heart
really feel bad and all,
but i smiled,,,
And it’s a pity,,,
but what is wrong with that?
feeling is feeling…
when it hurts, it hurts…

So i roll back to my room,
sat on a freezing blanket…
spacing out of nothing,,,
and i drink some tea
my mind aches… my feelings shattered…

yeah i feel like a human
after all,
how is it possible…
for me to keep on falling…
when there’s only a lost path to be seen…

and i almost cry,
but once again…
i hold it like i can…
like i am Casanova or someone else…

being completely dazed off,
i remember the last thing i said to you,

“It’s fine…”

then you smiled at me…

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5 thoughts on “Blank Paper’s Corner

  1. I liked the freezing blanket

  2. it doesn’t warm

  3. I also like the layout

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